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Tips for selling your home:

  1. De-clutter: Storage space is often on home buyers’ “must have” list when searching for a home. If they see that you don’t have enough storage to keep your belongings organized, they’ll immediately know they might be facing the same problem. Invest in a small storage locker for all of the clutter you can live without while your home is on the market.
  2. Home-staging: Staged homes typically sell significantly faster than those that are not. For the cost of one or two months of mortgage payments, you can have a professional come in and stage your home to showcase its full potential. This initial investment can save on future mortgage payments if your home doesn’t sit on the market long. Or, consider a home staging consultation. A professional stager will come in and tell you the ways you can stage the home on your own.
  3. Photos: The key to selling your home is to get people through the door, and the way to get people through the door is with great photos. Be sure to hire an agent who uses a professional photographer, or hire one on your own for your agent to work with.
  4. The “honey-do” list: Consider hiring a local handyman to get some of those small jobs done around the house that you just never found the time to do yourself. Things such as chipped paint, ripped screens and leaking pipes may be considered red flags to potential buyers because they wonder what other issues are waiting for them to find. For a reasonable hourly rate, a handyman can fix these problems that may be minor to you, but could be an immediate turn off for a buyer.
  5. Curb appeal: You only get one chance at a first impression! Consider investing some money in repainting your front door, planting bright flowers along your walkway and replacing unattractive shrubs. Already on a tight budget and can’t swing the extra money? You’d be amazed at what one afternoon and some elbow grease can add to your home’s curb appeal. Cut the grass, trim the hedges, sweep the front porch, and pull out stray weeds peeking through the walkway. Potential buyers aren’t going to be impressed if their own fix-it list starts before they walk in the front door.